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.. ,., ,_ ,._. ,~_.N_.r~•i ~~1'•:vhIINEF,RLS~:rE4L~)Gr ~ III IIIIIIIIIIIIII~~ <br />s of coLOx~o <br />Df V1.40N Of MINERALS AND QUIOGY <br />Davnmenl of Haoual Raauces <br />1713 SAmrr~ St, Room 27 5 <br />Oe+ae. Color7do 80203 <br />~: rson s~7s6~ <br />FAX (3031 872$106 <br />F~~~`~IVFr, <br />DEC 0 4 1995 <br />Division of Minerals a Geology <br />Rq co°n <br />~~ <br />PER1.ORNANCE WARRANTY <br />Operator: <br />Operation: <br />Permit No: <br />KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, THAT: <br />~ s lae+~e <br />Midgd 6. Lmg <br />Di.arn D:cc+ <br />WHEREAS, the Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Act, CRS as amended, <br />34-32-101 et sey. (the "Act°), as amended, ;provides that no permit may be <br />issued under the Act until the Mined Land Reclamation Board (the 'Board°) <br />receives a performance warranty (or ~rarranties) that is a written promise to <br />comply xith ail applicable requirements of the/Act. <br />WHEREAS. ~II~~ S/4n/D }~/~P( ~iV~ (the "L r r"), has <br />app a for a penal to conduct a minilg operation knoxn as <br />(~ (the "Operation") on certain Lands in •~ <br />County, Colorado. These Idnds are described in the permit application, as <br />amended and supplemented, and are referred to herein as the 'Affected Lands". <br />HHEREAS, in its application for the permit, the Operator has agreed <br />Yo be bound by all requirements of the Act and all applicable rues and <br />regulations of the Board, as amended from time to tiaoe. <br />WHEREAS, the Board has determined, in accordance with the Act, that <br />the estimated costs of reclamation with regard to those affected lands <br />in ~°~~f'r. County which are now or may become subject to the permit <br />are those amounts for the stated periods of time as set forth in the financial <br />warranty, which may be amended from time to time to reflect revised estimates <br />of said costs of reclamation. <br />WHEREAS, the Operator hereby gives the Board a performance rarranty <br />pursuant to Section 34-32-117(2) of the Act, and herein promises the Board <br />that it will coa,ply with all applicable requirements of the Act rith regard to <br />those Affected lands. <br />