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44p GEM(1~~ ~1,' i/ <br />o {- <br />~` KAESS CONTRACTING, INC. <br />~ ~~R~C <br />8316 COUNTY ROAD 1BO SALIDA~ COLORADO Sl`.LOl PHONE (719) 639-3619 <br />j~e~~les ~- -~ c~~q o-F t3~~ra c~,1cQ t ~~~-t,Zrrl N ~,~-~ c_e ,~ <br />October 4, 2006 <br />RECEIVED <br />~'. Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety / n~T ~_ <br />Department of Natural Resources / ~ 7~f16 <br />ATTN: Elizabeth Shelton ^ L Division of Reclamation, <br />1313 Sherman St. Room 215 ~/i J S fvlining and Safety <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />J <br />RE: Notice of Cancellation of Bond No. 19S 103364770 BCM, Pit No 3, Chaffee <br />County, Permit No. M-1978-193 L~ <br />Dear Ms, Shelton: <br />We received the attached letter from you regarding the above referenced Bond Number; <br />however, we have not received notification from the Surety. <br />I have placed numerous calls to the Surety requesting an explanation of this cancellation <br />and notice of the same, but have not obtained either. <br />Please mail or fax the notification you received regarding our Bond Cancellation. <br />Thank y~ <br />Kare Kaess <br />~ ~uXP~ ~ocume/t~ ~ /~'~ ~aerr <br />a ~ lo~l~~o(~ <br />