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` ~ iii iiiiiiiiniiiiii <br />STATE OF COLORADO <br />Roy Romer, Governor <br /> <br />DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL OURCES <br />MINED LAND RECLAMATIdty DIVISION <br />FRED R. BANTA, Dlrsetor <br />February 23, 1988 <br />,Christopher Varra <br />Varra Companies, Inc. <br />2130 South 96th Street <br />Broomfield, Colorado 80020 <br />Re: File Nos. M-81-077, M-74-052, and M-80-002, Notice of Delinquent <br />Replacement Financial Warranties <br />Dear Mr. Varra: <br />According to our files, the financial warranties for these permits have been <br />cancelled. Effective cancellation dates were May 21, 1987 (File M-81-077), <br />August 5, 1987 (File M-80-002) and November 6, 1987 (File M-74-052). No <br />replacement warranties have been filed for these permits. <br />As you are aware, all operators are required to maintain an adequate financial <br />warranty for the life of each mine and permit. Failure to replace these <br />cancelled warranties may be a violation to C.R.S. 34-32-117(b)(a). <br />If you have mined or intend to mine at these sites after the warranty <br />cancellation dates, you need to provide replacement financial warranties. <br />If you have not mined and do not intend to mine at these sites after the <br />cancellation dates, then the financial warranties will cover the reclamation <br />liability of all mining related disturbances prior to the cancellation dates. <br />For these sites, you do not need to replace the warranty. However, you do <br />need to change the status of these permits to "Reclamation Only". To do this <br />simply write us a brief letter requesting a Technical Revision to change the <br />permit status to Reclamation Only. <br />Please respond within two weeks as to your intentions on these sites. I look <br />forward to working with you to resolve these matters. Also, could you please <br />inform me as to your progress on the Valmont Butte revised reclamation plan <br />and when I should expect to meet with you on this. <br />Sincerely, <br />Patricia C. Martinek <br />Reclamation Specialist <br />PCM/bca <br />cc: Bradford James <br />Diana Bills <br />5515E <br />423 Centennial Building, 1313 Sherman Street Denver, Colorado 80203-2273 Tel. (303) 866-3567 <br />