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• ~~~ ~~~,~~~~,~~~~~,1 • m-79- lea Kouz~' C', <br />CNA SURETY COMPANIES <br />Denver SBU <br />4500 Cherry Creek Drive South, Suite 1100 <br />P. O. Box 17369 TA, Denver, Colorado 80217 <br />Continental Insurance Company Bond No. BNS 135 84 58 <br />Continental Casualty Company Bond No. 141 933 506 <br />ASSUMPTION OF LIABILITY CERTIFICATE <br />Obligee: Colorado Department of Natural Resources <br />Mined Land Reclamation Board or Division <br />1313 Sherman St. <br />Denver, Co 80203 <br />Principal:Elam Construction, Inc. <br />- , <br />SEP 2 7 1996 <br />i'~!r' _,,.. r~ .fir <br />MirvEr*qi_a .s, GEOLOGY <br />This certificate assumes liability on Bond No. BNS 135 84 58 executed and previously filed by <br />Continental Insurance Company, hereinafter referred to as the Company, in favor of the <br />captioned Obligee, effective August 11, 1996. <br />This certifies that Continental Casualty Company, in consideration of the agreements and <br />covenants herein contained and other good and valuable consideration, assumes liability under <br />the above described bond. <br />BY ISSUANCE OF THIS CERTIFICATE IT IS AGREED: <br />1. That liability of Continental Casualty Company under said bond (a) shall be subject to all of <br />the terms, conditions, limitations and warranties contained in the above described bond and <br />any amendment thereto or agreement between the Obligee and the Company affecting the <br />same; and (b) shall in no event be greater than would have been the liability of the Company <br />had this certificate not been issued. <br />2. That all rights of the Company, which would have been available to the Company, by reason <br />of its suretyship under the aforementioned bond, or otherwise, if this certificate had not been <br />executed, shall inure to the benefit of and by fully enforceable by Continental Casualty <br />Company. <br />3. This certificate assumes liability under Continental Casualty Company Bond No. 141933506 <br />for liability accrued under Continental Insurance Company Bond No. BNS 135 84 58. <br />Co <br />BY: <br />Susan <br />ANA <br />rsr nu w~ camm;m~m~„ r~• <br />Perry, <br />