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ANK ONE. <br />Bank One, Colorado, NA <br />P. O. Box 215002 <br />Denver, CO 80221 <br />REVENUE-VIRGINIUS MINE CORP <br />STATE OF COLORADO/MINED LAND <br />RECLAMATION BOARD <br />1313 SHERMAN ST RM 215 <br />DENVER CO 80203 <br />Il~~l~ll~~~~~l~lll~~~~~ll~~~l~t~~l~l~l~~l,~II~~II~~~I~I~~I~I~I <br />RE(.''RVED IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII N <br />APR 2 6 1999 <br />Division of Minerag & Geology ~ - 9~' D~ 8 / /~ <br />Acct# <br /> <br />Page t of 3 <br />!F YOU HAVE fZUESTIONS, CALL US AT (303) 780-2400 OR <br />_ (800) 371-1657. AUTOMATED /NFOR_ NATION AND CUSTOMER SERVICE <br />SPECIALISTS ARE AVAILABLE T4 HOURS PER DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK. FOR <br />THE SPEECH OR HEARING IMPAIRED, CALL (800) 786-8836 (TDD). PARR <br />. _ _ SERVICIOS EN ESPANOL, LLAME AL (303) 180-1400, (800) 37T-T 651. _ _ _ <br />Bank One Certificate of Deposit <br />Maturity and Automatic Renewal Notice <br />Account Number - <br />Terms of deoosit Current Renewal <br />Maturity Dale Mav 7.1999 August 6.1999 <br />Term 91 Davs 91 Davs <br />Interest Payment Freguenw 93 Days 93 Davs <br />Interest Compounding Dailv Dailv <br />Year Base 365!366 Day 365/366 Day <br />On May 07, 1999, your Bank One Certificate of Deposit will mature with a value of <br />$5,000.00. Also on that date, your CD will renew for 91 days with a new maturity <br />date of August 6, 1999. <br />The interest rate and annual percentage yield that will be paid on your CD at renewal have not <br />yet been determiried, but will be available on May 7, 1999. This information may be <br />obtained on or after May 7, 1999, by calling 8001372-2651. <br />Your CD renewal will occur automatically and no action is required on your part. If you wir.h <br />to transfer the funds to another Bank One account or redeem the CD, you must do so within 10 <br />days following the maturity date to avoid an early withdrawal penalty. If you do choose to <br />redeem the-CD, no interest ispaid-affer the curren~ maturity dats. - - - <br />At Bank One, we offer a wide variety of investment services that can be tailored to meet your <br />specific needs. To obtain additional information, please call or stop by your Bank One office. <br />