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ELLS FARGO BANK WEST, N.A.~ <br />800-CALL-WELLS (500-225-5935) <br />P.O. BOX 3908 <br />PORTLAND, OR 97208 <br />Combined Tax Statement <br />for Year 2002 <br />TNI$ BTRTEMENT gEPORI'$ 10931NT (OMB No. 15450112), 1099-DIY <br />(OMH Na 15450110). 1099-0ID (OMB Na 15650117), f099-B (OMB 1Ja <br />154507151, 1099-MI~C LOMH No. 15454115), 7093A (OMB No. 1545-0877), <br />1099-0 (OMB No. 150.51426), 1099-5 (OMB Na 1545-0997), 1093E (OMB <br />N0.1545i576). 1096 (OMB Na. 15454901). <br />DEPARTMENT OF THETREASURY-WTEgNAL REVENUE SERVICE. <br />"For Form 10936, DIY, IN7 MISC and OID:TBis b imporlent tax bdormation <br />TOSCO INC antl la heing famished la me Internal gevenue Servlee. B you are required <br />to OM a return, a negligence penalty or other sandlon may ba Imposed on <br />MINED LAND RECLAMATION BOARD R~C,E{ V ED you H this income Is taxable and Na IBS determines that k has not been <br />STATE OF COLORADO reD°°ed'~ <br />1313 SHERMAN ST # 215 PAYERS E.I.N. <br />DENVER, CO 80203-2243 <br />JAN 3,1 ~~:,3 J <br />~ond9ao-og9 `*'°:;"hAXf?AYER'IDNSIMBE3i~~t <br /> <br />2002 - 1099-INT, INTEREST INCOME <br /> ACCOUNT NUMBER <br />TIME ACCT INT <br />BOX 1 INTEREST INCOME 494.27 <br />TIME ACCT INT <br />BOX 1 INTEREST INCOME 40.21 <br />TINE ACCT INT <br />BOX 1 INTEREST INCOME 17.29 <br /> TOTAL INTEREST 551.77 <br />J <br /> a~~~ <br /> ~`~ <br />