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wesrexn III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII <br />Fuels-uTAx <br />INC. <br />-- -- A Suhridurq~ <br />of <br />urslem Fue[t <br />rn wn, nt. <br /> <br /> <br />ti?INEe~ LANQ <br />RECLAlNATION i~IVIS?ON <br />CERTIFIED MAIL <br />Mr. Mi4e Savage <br />Colora:lo Mined Lsnd Reclamation Division <br />215 Centennial Building <br />131: Sherman Street <br />Denver, ;;olorsdo 80203-2273 <br />Re: Reclamation Bond <br />Dear "Ir. Savage: <br />October 4, 1989 <br />Please find enclosed two Certificates of Deposit (CD #2663 for <br />31,184.00 and CD #2664 for $7,646.00). The CD's are for the <br />reclamation bonds required for the sump dewatering hole and roc's <br />dust dispensing hole, approved for construction recently. Also <br />enclosed are the required bond forms. <br />Sincerely, <br />' / e~~~ <br />Murari Shresths <br />Senior Engineer <br />MS; j g <br />Enclosures <br />Swte #i05 <br />405 Utban Street <br />IaAewood, Colorado 80228 <br />Telephone 30V986-9626 <br />Telempier 30yy86-8141 <br />