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ul nnunnw m <br />State PROOF OF PUBLICATION <br />DENVER OFFICI, <br />PUBLIC FILE COPY <br />FILE: ;1~- S7-I~n <br />SITE: 3 i ~d. Y I <br />ui ~inunimi m <br />999 <br />Aecewed <br />MAY 1 5 1998 <br />Durango Fleld Ottica <br />STATE OF COLORADO DMleion of Minerals & Geology <br />County of Mesa ) <br />) ss. <br />Being duly sworn, says That I am Lpq;31 Secretary of <br />The Daily Sentinel a daily newspaper, published and duly printed in Grand <br />Junction, Colorado in said County end State; that said newspaper has a <br />general circulation in said County and has been continuously and uninterruptei <br />published therein, during a period of at least fifty-two consecutive weeks <br />prior to the first publication of the annexed notice; thaC said newspaper is a <br />newspaper within the meaning of the act of the General Assembly of the State <br />of Colorado. entitled "An Act to regulate the printing of legal notices and <br />advenlsements." and amendments thereto: that the notice of which the <br />annexed is a printed copy taken from said newspaper, was published in said <br />newspaper once a week for__g_ successive weeks <br />that said nonce was so publishetl in said newspaper proper and not in <br />any supplement theretl. and that fast publication of said notice as <br />aforesaid, was on the 07th day of April 19~, <br />and the last, on the 28th jday of Aoril 19Q~. <br />Subscribed end sworn to befor~ e, this ~ day ofd/ 19! <br />/ j pRi'p <br />/ P,1y ommission expires 9/21/99 ~ Ve<+ t <br />IJNp/, ~ n <br />RECEIVED MAY 0 3 1998 r, ~~.soty <br />r y.\ G <br />~ \ ~~ <br />rl - ..~^^~ ph <br />