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iii iiiiiiiiiiiu iii <br />999 <br />STATE OF COLORADO <br />Roy Romer, Govei <br />DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES <br />MINED LAND RECLAMATION DIVISION <br />DAVID C. SHELTON, Director <br />DATE: October 26, 1967 <br />TO: Candace Thompson and Jim Pendleton <br />FROM: Jim Stevens <br />RE: ANIMAS MINE, TECHNICAL REVISION NO. 08 REFUSE FACILITY <br />Attached is the copy of proposed Technical Revision No. 08 submitted by <br />Energy Fuels Mining Company to modify the design of the refuse facility at the <br />Animas Mine. Since it appears to me that the new design primarily raises <br />concerns with pile stability and surface drainage, I would appreciate you <br />looking at these aspects of the proposal (i,e. Candy at the drainage, J1m at <br />the design and stability) and giving me your adequacy comments by November 13, <br />1987, <br />The proposed revision was submitted October 9, 1987; I accepted it as complete <br />on October 19, 1987, The adequacy review should be conveyed to .the operator <br />by November 19, 1987, <br />srs <br />3009E <br />423 Centennial Building, 1313 Sherman Street Denver, Colorado 80203-2273 Tel. (303) 866.3567 <br />