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• • iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii <br />STATE OF COLORADO <br />DIVISION OF MINERALS AND GEOLOGY <br />Depanmenl of Natural Resources <br />1313 Sherman St., Room 215 <br /> <br />Denver, Colorado 80203 I <br />~ <br />Phone: 13031 866-3 567 ~ <br />I <br />FAx: 1303) 832-8106 <br /> DEPARTMENT OF <br />August 16, 1995 N1~TLJRAL <br /> RESOURCES <br />Ms. Pat Nelson <br />Water Quality Control Division R°r Romer <br /> <br />Permit Section Governor <br /> <br />4300 Cherry Creek South Drive Tames S. LOChhead <br />Execmive Direuor <br />Denver, CO 80222-1530 Michael B. LOng <br /> Division Dveclor <br />Re: Hamilton Mine (Permit No. C-91-078) <br />Technical Revision No. 06 (Change in Water Monitoring) <br />Dear Ms. Nelson: <br />Pursuant to Title 34, Article 33, of the Colorado Revised Statutes, the Division <br />of Minerals and Geology hereby issues notice that on August 21, 1995, a <br />technical revision application for a permi- to conduct coal mining operations by <br />Honeywood Coal/Delta Coal Co., 95 White Br'dge Rd., No. 404, Nashville, <br />Tennessee 37205, was deemed complete for :he purposes of filing. All reviews <br />and comment periods as provided in the Act and Regulations promulgated <br />thereunder initiate from this day of filing. <br />The applicant proposes to revise surface coal mining operations at the Hamilton <br />Mine. The technical revision pertains to a revised water monitoring plan. <br />The Hamilton Mine permit area is located approximately three miles southeast <br />of Naturita, Colorado, in portions of the following described lands: <br />Township 46 North, Range 15 West, NMPM <br />Section 28: SE/4, NE/4 SW/4 <br />Section 32: E/2 E/2 <br />Section 33: All <br />Township 45 North, Range 15 West, NMPM <br />Section 4: Portions of Lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 11 and 12 <br />Section 5: N/2 NE/4 NE/4 <br />The above-mentioned tracts of land are shown on the USGS 7.5 minute Quadrangle <br />map of Naturita. <br />A copy of the technical revision application is available for public inspec- <br />tion at the Montrose County Courthouse Annex, 300 Main, Nucla, Colorado. <br />Written comments may be submitted to and additional information may be <br />obtained from the Division of Minerals and Geology, Room 215, 1313 Sherman <br />Street, Denver, Colorado 80203, (303) 866-3567. <br />Si cerely, <br />~~ ~~~ <br />ry B. f~anney` <br />Environmental Protect on Specialist <br />HBR/bjw/2891G <br />