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• • ii iii iii ii uiiuii i <br />NEWPORT MINERALS, INC. 999 <br />5I5 MINING E%CHANGE BUILDING P.O. BO% 645 <br />8 SOUTH NEVADA AVENUE RANGEVIEW ROAD <br />COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO 80903 CRIPPLE CREEK. COLORADO 80813 <br />13031 633-2081 13031 988.2010 <br />RECEIVED <br />Mr. Philip Saletta <br />Mined .L and Reclamation Division <br />423 Centennial Building <br />1313 Sherman Street <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />Dear Phil <br />November 20, 1984 <br />NOV ~ 111;4 <br />MINED LA}IG ~Ei~A9Mllit4111 <br />ri0~0. ~.,pl ~/filJl(~ <br />Further to our recent conversation, I have now received the enclosed <br />copy of a letter from the Teller County Coroner stating the cause of <br />death of our late employee, Mr. Elmer Howard. <br />I hope this fills your need. <br />Sincerely, <br />,~ti~:~ <br />Brian W. Hester <br />Vice President <br />BWH/fp <br />enclosure <br />cc: M.E. MacDougall <br />