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~ iii iiiiiiiiiiiii iii ~ <br />STATE OF COLORADO <br />Bill Owens, Governor <br />DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES <br />DIVISION OF WILDLIFE <br />AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER <br />Russell George. Director <br />6060 Broadway <br />Denver, Colorado 80216 <br />Telephone: 13031 297-1 192 <br />RECEIVED <br />DEC 2 8 2000 <br />October 23, 2000 <br />Carl B. Mount <br />1313 Sherman St., Room 215 <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />Division of Minerals and Geology <br />Subject: Ritcheys Red,-Mix, htc., Josh Pit, Permit Nu. lv1-1993-002 <br />I have no objections to the reclamation permit release request for the above named site. <br />Sincerely, <br />.~~°~ <br />Shane L. Briggs <br />Wildlife Biologist/N.E. Habitat Section <br />Colorado Division of Wildlife <br />P.O. Box 128 <br />Brush, CO 80723 <br />(970)842-6314 <br />Shane. bri ags~state. co. us <br />C.pW RApO <br />d <br />V <br />3oNOF~yq <br />Fur Wild/ijc- <br />Fur People <br />DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES, Greg E. Walther, Executive Director <br />WILDLIFE COMMISSION, Bernard L. Black, Jr., Chairman .Rick Enstrom, Vice-Chairman Philip James, Secretary <br />Members, Tom Burke • Mark LeValley • Marianna Raftopoulos Robert Shoemaker Olive Valdez <br />Ex-Officio Members, Greg E. Walther and Don Ament <br />