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~~~/ <br />~~ <br />Juae 10, 1993 -~ <br />To: Mined Land Reclamation Division " <br />1313 Sharman Btraet Room 215 ~' <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />Fax:8328106 <br />Atte: 8a~hen Kaff~Taa <br />Regarding: ~feLain Pit <br />On June 9, 1993, a large concrete etructura tae installed on the Northeast corner of <br />the MaLaitf Pit property. This ie n large concrete box installed at approximately <br />grouad level with a louvered iron top, and appears to ba some type of drain. <br />Thia type of activity appears to violate the mining plan. Ae you knot, re examined the <br />Centennial plan very carefully. At NO time aae any type of concrete structure diecueesd <br />or ahom in the pion. Any permaasnt or fixed etructura tae specifically prohibited and <br />that ie installed could in NO ray be considered "portable". <br />Please arrange an inepeetion at your earliest com+enienee end forward a copy of the <br />inepectioa reeules to me. I am aura that you will agree this ie beyond anything <br />permitted in the mining plan for the McLain Pit. <br />Yours Very Truly, d ^ <br />Mz. and Mra. R.H.-(Major) 9peeeard <br />519 Willoa Laka Dr. <br />Frankiorn, CO 80116 <br />Phone: 688-3700 <br />~- <br />O <br />T'd BT:LO E6. TT Nflf <br />