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IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII P-e1 <br /> i • <br />PATCNT AND TELEPHONE <br />TRADEMARK MATTERS SOB-B72-3781 <br />JOHN E. TOU PA L. B.6. E. E., LL.O. <br />JOAN c. LEW16, PARALEGAL <br />LAW OFFICES <br />JOHN E. T~UPAL <br />116 CONGORp STREET <br />FRAMINGHA M, MA 01102 <br />VIA FACSIMILE ONLY <br />303-832-8106 <br />October 4, 2000 <br />Mr. Kent Gorham <br />Environmental Protection Specialist <br />17ivision of Ivlinerals and Geology <br />1313 Sherman Street <br />Room 215 <br />Denver. CO 80203 <br />Dear Mr. Gotham: <br />As you know, methane gas has damaged vegetation on a sizable land area of my property at 14900 <br />Highway l2, Weston, Colorado. Since the source of that gas has not been conclusively <br />determined. 1 am concerned about the Phase II Bond release which has been requested by Basin <br />Resources, [nc. 1 believe that a substantial portion of the bond should be retained until a definitive <br />determination is made as to the sottrce of the methane gas. <br />Very truly yours, <br />John E. Toup~ <br />JE-f/jcl <br />