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STATE OF COLORADO <br />DIVISION OF MINERALS AND GEOLOGY <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />1313 Sherman S[., Room 215 <br />Denver, Colorado 80203 <br />Phone: (303) 866-3567 <br />FAX: (303)832-8106 <br />June 14, 2002 <br />Forrest V. Luke <br />Trapper Mining Inc. <br />P.O. BOX 187 <br />Craig, CO 81626 <br />Re: Trapper Mine (Permit No. C-1981-010) <br />Proposed Decision -Minor Revision No. 183 (MR-183) <br />SPCC Plan Update <br />Dear Mr. Luke: <br />DIVISION OF <br />MINERALS <br />GEOLOGY <br />RECLAMATION <br />MINING•SA FETY <br />Bill Owens <br />Governor <br />Greg E. Walther <br />Executive Director <br />Ronald W. Cottony <br />Acting Division Dirmor <br />The Division of Mineral and Geology found your application for Minor Revision No. 183 to be complete <br />on June 14, 2002, and issued the proposed decision on the same date. The proposed Decision Form is <br />enclosed. <br />Documentation must be submitted to the Division demonstrating that a copy of the approved revision <br />application was sent to the Office of Surface Mining and the Bureau of Land Management. The material <br />should be sent within 15 days of final approval. <br />Please refer to the Performance Bond heading on the enclosed proposed decision form. If the amount of <br />Bond Held equals or exceeds the Revised Liability, you need not submit additional bond. However, if the <br />Revised Liability exceeds the Bond Held, please submit additional bond or rider to your existing bond <br />that equals or exceeds the Revised Liability. The revision will not be final until the bond is approved by <br />the Division. <br />If you have any questions, please contact me. <br />Sincerely, <br />anet Bi s <br />iro enta ection Specialist <br />JHB/Ahd <br />Enclosure <br />co: Carl Johnston, Office of Surface Mining, with enclosures <br />M:\oss~AHD\[emp\C-MR-06_C 1981010_1HR_20020614_I 10014 AM.doc <br />