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I~ <br />~ iii iiiiiiiiiiu iii <br />STATE OF COI.O RrDO 4i~ a:, ui, p. ;. r.4.• r~oy,..~.,• <br />DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES <br />D. Mo~Le Pascoe, Execu t~~e Director <br />MINED LAND RECLA111ATION <br />423 Centennial Building, .1313 Sherman Street <br />Denver, Colorado 80203 Tel. (303) 866-3567 <br />David C. Shelton <br />Director <br />September 29, 1982 <br />Mr. Neil E. Harrison, President <br />Colorado Aggregate Co., Inc. <br />P.O. Box 24 <br />Blanca, Colorado 81123 .. <br />RE: Mesita XiI1 Pit <br />File No. 77-227 <br />Dear Mr. Harrison: <br />Enclosed please find the original surety agreement (for $16,700.00) for <br />the above captioned operation. The certificate of deposit itself <br />(No. 1281, in the amount of $16,700.00) was released and returned directly <br />to the bank, as per their request. This original reclamation bond has <br />been released and returned due to its replacement by a corporate surety <br />in the amount of $37,800.00. <br />Please call me if you have any questions in this matter. <br />Sincerely, <br />~~~~ ~ ~~ <br />Mark S. Loye <br />Senior Reclamation Specialist <br />MSL/eap <br />Enclosure <br />