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iii iiii~~iiniinii <br />STATE ~ <br />OF <br />COLORADO <br />DIVISION OF MINERALS AND GEOLOGY <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />1317 Sherman Si.. Room 215 <br />Denver, Colorado BO203 <br />~ <br />D I v 1 5 1 0 N O F <br />Phone. 1303) 866J56i MINERAL S <br />FAti: 1303) 8328106 & <br /> GEOLOGY <br />November 8, 2000 MENINGMSAF Q Y <br />Mr Bill Tezak s u oaens <br /> <br />Colorado Quarries Inc Governor <br /> <br />270 South 15th Street ereae.~.-,inner <br />e.ecur.e D~re<~nr <br />Canon City CO 81212 ^^~^n,e~ a. ~°^F <br /> Drvhmn D~recto~ <br />Re: Revised Financial Warranty Requirement, Siskin Pit, M-87-1 16/ <br />Dear Mr. Tezak: <br />The Division received and reviewed your response to the Division's October 2, 2000 letter <br />regarding the re-calculation of the financial warranty requirement. <br />The Division revised the financial warranty requirement as follows: <br />1. The highwall grading volume remained the same but a D8 dozer was used to slope the pit <br />walls [0 5:1 so the estimated costs were reduced to $11,230. <br />2. The Rapid-Ex bid to replace and grade the 1200 cubic yards of topsoil was acceptable so it <br />was used in the revised estimate. <br />3. Ripping costs increased slightly even though a DS dozer was used. <br />4. Reseeding costs remained the same as the original estimate because the Division has <br />determined that a certain amount of vegetation will fail, so interseeding will be necessary. <br />5. The mob/demob bid from Rapid-Ex was acceptable and was used in the revised estimate. <br />You state that 30% failure rate for seeding is too high. I disagree. There have been, and are, <br />documented sites in Custer county that required to be totally reseeded or require some amount of <br />interseeding in order to achieve adense/diverse stand of grass that will meet the reclamation <br />requirements of the ActJRules. There is one site immeadiately north of Westcliffe that had to be <br />totally reseeded because of cheatgrass problems. <br />The revised financial warranty requirement, using numbers from the Rapid-Ex bid document and <br />previously calculated Division numbers, is $30,700 (rounded). A 60 day notice letter will be <br />mailed in the next day or two. You will have 60 days from the date of the notice letter to submit <br />the additional financial warranty (pursuant to Rule 4.2.1(2)). If you disagree with the office <br />