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~, <br />iiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiii <br />STATE OF COLOR-ADO <br />MINED LAND RECLAMATION DIVISION <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />1313 Sherman St., Room 275 <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />303 866-3567 <br />Fn x: 303 832-8706 <br />p4.=o~ <br />Nei 8 <br />~~ <br />8 <br />r• <br />~ !B'!6 ~ <br />Ray Romer, <br />Governor <br />Fred R. eanra, <br />April 16, 1991 Division Director <br />Mr. Dennis Stranger <br />Garfield County Planning Department <br />109 8th Street - Suite 200 <br />Glenwood Springs, CO 81602 <br />Dear Mr. Stranger: <br />Pursuant to Title 33, Article 34, Paragraph 3, of the Colorado Revised <br />Statutes, the Mined Land Reclamation Division hereby issues notice that on <br />April 15, 1991, an application for renewal of a valid, existing permit to <br />conduct coal mining operations, File No. C-84-065, by New Castle Energy <br />Corporation, 7476 E. Arkansas Avenue - #104, Denver, CO 80237, was deemed <br />complete for the purposes of filing. A11 reviews and comment periods as <br />provided in the Act and Regulations promulgated thereunder initiate from this <br />day of filing. <br />The applicant proposes to continue conducting underground coal mining <br />operations on <br />T6S, R91W, Section 1: Those lands in the NE/4 yet south of County Road <br />335, lots 3 and 4, S/2, S/2 NW/4. <br />T6S, R90W, Section 6: All lands south of County Road 335 and a strip <br />of land (25 feet wide by app r. 400 feet long) <br />which extends north from the county road to the <br />Colorado River, just eat of the mine entrance <br />road. <br />T65, R90W, Section <br />T6S, R90W, Section <br />T6S, R90W, Section <br />T6S, R90W, Section <br />T6S, R90W, Section <br />T6S, R91W, Section <br />T6S, R90W, Section <br />being 2,525 acres <br />5: <br />8: <br />9: <br />15: <br />7: <br />12: <br />16: <br />fro re <br />All lands <br />All lands <br />All lands <br />All lands <br />All lands <br />All lands <br />All lands <br />or less. <br />in S/2 SW/4. <br />in N/2, N/2 SE/4, and NE/4 SW/4. <br />in S/2, NW/4 and SW/4. <br />in NW/4. <br />in NW/4 and N/2 NW/4. <br />in N/2 NE/4, NE/4 NW/4, <br />in N/2 NE/4, NE/4 NW/4. <br />