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~ III IIIIIIIIIIIII III sTAT~oF COLORADO <br />MINED LAND RECLAMATION DIVISION <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />73t3 Sherman St., Room 275 <br />Denver. CO 80203 <br />303 8663567 <br />l=ax: 303 832 8t06 <br />Notice of 112 Amendment Application Consideration <br />DATE: August 21, 1992 <br />pF' ~O~ <br />A q~ <br />N~ <br />~~ . <br />r~. <br />~ rB'16 ~ <br />RoY Romer, <br />Gwemor <br />Michael B. Long, <br />Orvision Director <br />T0: MS PAT NELSON <br />COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH <br />WATER QUALITY CONTROL DIVISION <br />PERMIT SECTION <br />4210 E 11TH AVENUE <br />DE ER CO 80220 <br />1 /'/~ <br />FRCM: Carl'aunt, Senior Reclamation Specialist <br />RE: Centennial Materials, McLain Pit Amendment 02, File No. M-77-117 <br />Please be advised that Centennial Materials, whose address and telephone <br />number- are 1101 Topeka 41ay, Castle Rock, CO 30104, (303) 660-0439, has filed <br />an application [o conduct sand and gravel mining and reclamation, at or near <br />Section 3, Township 8 South, Range 66 west, 5th Prime Meridian in Douglas <br />County. The aoolication decision i; scheduled for November 10, 1992. <br />Copies of the applicaticn are available for review at the Douglas County Clerk <br />& Recorder'; office and at the office of the Division of Minerals and Geology, <br />Rocm 215. 1313 Sherman Street, Denver, Colorado 30203. <br />All common r or objecticns mu<,t be submitted in writing and received by the <br />Divtsion no later than 20 days after the date of last publication in order to <br />be con;ide~ed in the application ranieā€¢,v process. <br />CnM/60C/ern <br />3915G <br />