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Eryviroryrfjeryt, Iryc. <br />LARRY E. O'BRIAN <br />PRESIDENT <br />August 7, 1997 <br />7985 VANCE DRIVE, SUITE 205A <br />ARVADA, COLORADO80003 <br />303-423-7297 <br />RFCEI~IED <br />Adams County Board of <br />county Commissioners <br />Adams County Courthouse <br />Brighton, Colorado 80601 <br />Re: Application amendment for a <br />Mined Land Reclamation Permit <br />~I Ir, 0 7 ~ss1 <br />B!tl!51911 n. nuntlla~tl a 1a9pI9BY <br />We are delivering to you here a Notice of Application and <br />supporting documents for Reclamation Pit ¢1 operated by Hazeltine <br />Investment Association, pursuant to rule 2.2.2(1), Colorado Mined <br />Land Reclamation Board - Mineral Rules and Regulations. <br />Please acknowledge receipt of this notice by signing in the <br />appropriate space provided below and return a signed copy of this <br />cover letter to the person delivering it. We need to submit this <br />copy to the Division as proof of our filing with you. <br />Respectfully Submitted, <br />ENVIRONMENT, INC. <br />~~<y~ <br />Stevan L. O'Brian <br />Vice President <br />Enclosure <br />• iii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil • <br />RECEIVED THIS % ~ DAY OF August, 1997 <br />Adams County Board of County Commissioners <br />By T~~~/m 71 ~}~ <br />Title ~~ . /i n . , i . r.i , ~~ ~n.r~~~ f~.~ <br />