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xbfic~s / <br />STATE OF COLORADO <br />DIVISION OF MINERALS AND GEOLOGY <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />1373 Sherman St., Room 215 <br />Denver, Colorado 80203 <br />Phone: (303} 866356 <br />FAX: (303) 832-8706 <br />Rerlamatinn Permit Rrleace Rrnnect (nncideratinn V <br />DATE: November 6, 2003 '`~ <br />T0: Mr. Mazk Davis <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />State Boazd of Land Commissioners <br />1313 Sherman Street, Room 620 <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />OLORADO <br />( V I S I O N O E <br />INERALS <br />GEOLOGY <br />RECLAMATION•MINING <br />SAFETY•SCIENCE <br />Bill Owens <br />Governor <br />Greg E. Walther <br />Executive Director <br />Ronald W. Cottony <br />Division Director <br />Natural Resource Trustee <br />FROM: Cazl B. Mount, Senior Environmental Protection Specialist ~,~„ GP~~'1 <br />v ~ / / ~ <br />RE: PHD Contractors, Inc., BLM Pit S of Rangely, Permit No. M-1982-135, Revision No. SL-Z <br />Please be advised that on October 20, 2003, PHD Contractors, Inc, whose address and telephone number aze <br />PHD Contractors, Inc. 425 N. Wilcox St., Ste. G, Castle Rock, CO 80104; (303) 814-9230, submitted a request <br />for full reclamation responsibility release for the BLM Pit S of Rangely, Permit No. M-1982-135. The <br />construction materials extraction operation is located at or near Section 33, Township 1S, Range lOW, 6th Prime <br />Meridian, in Rio Blanco County. <br />_ Written comments or objections to the release may be submitted to, and additional information obtained from, the <br />Division of Minerals and Geology, 1313 Sherman Street, Room 215, Denver, Colorado 80203, (303) 866-3567. <br />Comments or objections should be submitted within 15 days. The Division is required to wait 30 days after the <br />release decision is made to allow for appeals. <br />Office of Office of Colorado <br />Mined Land Reclamation Active and Inactive Mines Geological Survey <br />