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;. <br />- • • iii iiiiiiiiniu iii <br />. 999 <br />April 17. 1995 <br />Ms. Susan Naul <br />U.S. Anny Corp of Engineers <br />Western Colorado Regulatory Office <br />Sacramento District <br />402 Rood Ave., Room 142 <br />Grand Junction, Colorado 81501-2563 <br />Re: Rip Rap Placement Stollstiemer Creek <br />Dear Ms. Naul: <br />RF~;EIVEp <br />ApR ~ 1 1995 <br />Division or ^~,~,erdi~ s G'eulpgy, <br />Enclosed are pictures of the rip rap placement at Kaiser Resources' Chimney Rock <br />Mine. <br />If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the number above or Daie <br />Hockett at (303) 731-2945. <br />Sincerely, <br />~/~ <br />~-' °i. <br />Michael T. Keegan <br />Manager, Colorado Properties <br />cc: Dale Hockett, Kaiser <br />Harry Ranney, Colorado Division Minerals & Geology <br />Cathy Begay, Greystone <br />