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a <br />7E?=Pr•.1 E"ii OF •._rua.a 9E iJt,aC_5 <br />tiIL'~ED L.a~D RE~~L.-11I_a"rli)\ <br />=23 Czntenn~al2wmmg, t7t75herman Street <br />Denver. Coicratlo 40203 7zi 17C7)8bo-3~o7 <br />David C. Shelton <br />Director <br />NOTICE OF INSPECTION <br />.1i1D <br />INSPECTION P.EPO~T_ <br />i1.Ti OF ~vSPEC:?QI: March 3, 1982 <br />:v.1i•rE OF CP&ZgTCA: Flatiron Sand 6 Cravel <br />?DDHFSS: P.O. Box 22 <br />_Boulder. Colorado 80306 <br />~: ?:,r NO.: gl_Y97 ~~: 6ouldcr Valley <br />Farm GasC <br />(Please note toe instructions indicated 6;r <br />an }: to the ri3hc.) <br />Initial Inspection <br />III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII <br />999 <br />^ Vo otobLems noted ac time of insoectio:~. <br />~s- s- re~ia,de-r,-fie--saxes-to-f t:a-vrnrr <br />.iaaual--Rrdo-t` or--':o[iee-or-Encerrc-1-s <br />Loatiwua-on--cue--e'e-rm:f-:laetiversa:; ~3a+-> <br />Possible problza(s) - :tote s_coualeada- <br />tion(s) below to avoid `urther ccmplic.: <br />[ions or possiblz violation(s) ac the <br />[ire of the next inspection. .- .._ <br />^ Possible violation(s) - Yoce recocmeada <br />tion(s) below and reply to the Divisicc <br />by to avcid <br />enforcement action. <br />^ Possible violaticn(s) pose(s) an <br />immediate [,teat of ham m the <br />znvironment, public welfare, or <br />cancinued operation. Enforcement <br />action forthcoming. <br />OBS~V~ I^5 OF L~IPO[~Cv <br />5 b@rttia were seen in the rookery area. Reclamation pLvt is compatible with the <br />surrounding area. Mining Plan is compatible with the commitment that no excavation <br />occur during the nesting periods and all other activity during this Cime is limited <br />to the 95th Street area. Dewatering could prove Fatal to the trees if a proper <br />ground water barrier is not constructed and maintained. <br />CQ~~S~"'ICi`5 <br />T <br />Rec'~ac_crt Sce^_~t <br />JL:ep <br />