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<br />of c~ 1~0 DT III I II I II I II IIII III RAL • D GEOLOGY <br />N=~~'o COLO sss <br />•;~ MINERALa rxtJt~ItFt1vl INSPECTION REPORT <br />'rave' PHONE: (303) 866-3567 <br />The Division of Minerals and Geology has conducted an inspection of the mining operation noted below. This report <br />documents observations concerning compliance of the mining operation with the permit and the regulations of the <br />Mined Land Reclamation Board. The report notes 1) Areas of successful compliance; 2) Problems and suggested <br />corrective actions and/or 3) Possible violations to be considered for possible enforcement action by the Mined Land <br />Reclamation Board. OPERATORS SHOULD READ THIS REPORT CAREFULLY BECAUSE IT MAY REQUIRE <br />CORRECTIVE ACTION AND/OR RESPONSES TO THE DIVISION IN ORDER TO AVOID CONSIDERATION <br />OF POSSIBLE ENFORCEMENT ACTION BY THE MINED LAND RECLAMATION BOARD. <br />MINE NAME: <br />COUNTY: ~/ rT CtFrl9itmINERAL: <br />INSPECTOR(S): Lorry ~Je~ /er <br />MINE ID # OR PROSPECTIN ID #: /~~fIZ <br />OPERATOR: <br />YPE OF OPERATION: ~ , 3 ~~ <br />INSPECTION DATE: GU DATE OF COMPLAINT: <br />INSPECTOR'S INITIALS: TIME OF DAY (MILITARY): <br />INSPECTION TYPE CODE"': ~ <br />~ POST INSP. CONTACTSI": <br />JOINT INSP. AGENCY CODE''': ! / <br />/V __ REASON FOR INSP. CODE"' <br />WEATHER CODEi": _~ OP. REP. PRESENT: lt/cYf / ~S-e t2 /7 a ~ <br />l000 <br />N <br />1 <br />1. INSPECTION TYPE CODE • [CL-IN: IL=Illegal Operation, MI=Monitoring, M11P=M17ineral Prospect. SlSurety-related, PR=Pre-operation] <br />2. POST INSPECTION CONTACTS AND JOINT INSPECTION AGENCY CODE - [CL-AG: NO=None. BL=BLM, CH=Colo. Dept. Health; CL=Land Board, <br />CT=Citizen; CW=Wildlife, FS=Forest Service, HW=Hwy. Dept., LG=Coca! Government, SEagtate Engr.] <br />3. REASON FOR INSPECTION CODE - lCL-RS: AG=Other Agency Reque4 CT=Citizen Complaint, IE=Normal 1&E Program, IiP=High Priority, PY=Priority] <br />4. WEATHER CODE - [CL-W E: CL=Cloudy, CR=Clear. IN=Inclement • prevented inspection, RN=Raining, SN=Snowing. WD=Windy] <br />This list identifies the environmental and permit parameters inspected and gives a categorical evaluation of each. IF <br />PB OR PV IS INDICATED. YOU SHOULD READ THE FOLLOWING PAGES CAREFULLY IN ORDER TO <br />ASSURE COMPLIANCE WITH THE TERMS OF YOUR PERMIT AND APPLICABLE RULES AND <br />REGULATIONS. If PV is indicated, you will be notified under separate cover when the Mined Land reclamation <br />Board will consider possible enforcement action. <br />GENERAL INSPECTION TOPICS <br />(AR)RECORDS .................... <br />(HB)HYDROLOGIC BALANCE ..... . <br />(PW)PROCESSING WASTE/TAILING <br />(FN)FINANCIAL WARRANTY .. <br />(BG)BACKFILL & GRADING .. . <br />(SF)PROCESSING FACILITIES . <br />(MP)GENL M[NE PLAN COMPLIANCE (FW)FISH & WILDLIFE ....... <br />(SM)SIGNS AND MARKERS ........ (SP)STORM WATER MGT PLAN <br />(ES)OVERBURDEN/DEV. WASTE ... ~ (SC)EROS[ON/SEDIMENTATION <br />(AT)ACID OR TOXIC MATERIALS ..~(OD)OFF-SITE DAMAGE ....... <br />}' =Inspected and Found in Compliance <br />N =Not Inspected <br />WHITE -PUBLIC FILE <br />PV = nspected and Possible Violations Noted <br />NA =Not Applicable <br />YELLOW -OPERATOR <br />(RD)ROADS ............ <br />(EX)EXPLOSIVES ....... <br />(TS)TOPSOIL ........... <br />(RV)REVEGETATION ... <br />(SB)COMPLETE INSP ... <br />(RS)RECL PLAN/COMP <br />(ST)STIPULATIONS ..... <br />PB =Inspected and Problems Noted <br />PINK -CORRESPONDENCE FILE <br />