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(Page 2) <br />MINE ID # OR PROSPECTING ID #: M-1QR1-ins <br />INSPECTION DATE; 1Il/~7/ns INSPECTOR=S INITIALS: TAS <br />1, A warranty release inspection of the Steamboat South Pit was made in response to the operator's October 19, 2005 <br />request for a partial release (SR-1) of reclamation responsibilities and corresponding warranty reduction. Present during <br />the inspection were Bruce Daniel and Jon Sobeski of Lafarge West, Inc. <br />2. The operator has done an exemplary job of stabilizing the stream channel and north bank of the Yampa River within <br />the permitted area and reclaiming previously disturbed areas to apost-mining land use of recreation as specified in the <br />operator's reclamation plan, via Amendment No. 2. As part of the specified reclamation, the operator has also done <br />extensive work to create wetlands, create riprap lined inlet and outlet controls, and re-grade the berm areas surrounding <br />the large reclaimed, groundwater-fed lake. The only remaining reclamation responsibilities include a) on-going weed <br />control, b) re-vegetation of 21 upland acres, c) wetland seeding of 8.4 acres, d) wetland planting of 7.8 acres, and e) <br />mobilization/de-mobilization of seeding equipment. The Division has calculated a total reclamation cost of $94,700 for <br />these remaining activities. Therefore, this inspector recommends the operator's request for a partial reduction be <br />approved and the amount of financial warranty required for reclamation be reduced from $456,600 to $94,700. This <br />inspector also notes that the operator has already initiated wetland seeding and planting and grass seeding of uplands. <br />The re-vegetation success of these areas is not quite ready for complete financial warranty release; however, the operator <br />is encouraged to re-evaluate these areas in the spring of 2006 and submit a request for complete release if appropriate. <br />3. Digital photographs of the reclamation efforts were taken and are attached to this report. <br />4. This inspector has verified that a permanent Water Augmentation Plan for this site is not required by the Office of the <br />State Engineer, per John Redding of the OSE Denver Office. <br />I & E Contact Address <br />NAME: Mr. Eric Reckentine <br />OPERATOR: Lafarge West Inc. <br />STREET: 1n170 Church Ranch Way, Site 700 <br />CITY/STATE/ZIP: Westminster, CO 80021 <br />cc: Carl Mount, DMG ((via E-mail) <br />Jeff Schwarz, CKSM&B <br />Bruce Daniel Lafarge West Inc <br />John Grace, landowner <br />Attachments <br />