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~_ ~ F0 v+ ' <br />/ <br />•• <br />; <br />~ ( <br />COLORADO DIVIS <br />`a'6 ION OF MINERALS AND GEOLOGY <br />COAL INSPECTION REPORT <br />MINE NAME: Edna Mine ADDRESS: Steven E. Leach <br />OPERATOR: P & M Coal Company P & M Coal Company <br />PERMITTEE: (same) 4601 DTC Blvd. <br />COUNTY: Routt Denver. CO 80237 <br />TYPE OF OPERATION: Surface OWNERSHIP: Federal <br />PERMIT STATUS: PC AC=Active, AP=Application in Review, CO=Under Cease <br /> Order, IN=Inactive/Permanent Cessation, RV=Revoked, <br /> SU=Suspended, TC=Temporary Cessation, OR=Other <br />[C] MINE ID OR EXPLORATION ID NO. C- 1 9 8 0- 0 0 1 <br />[C] INSPECTION DATE 1 4 / March / 0 6 <br />[C] INSPECTOR'S INITIALS B G W <br />[C] TIME OF DAY (MILITARY TIME) 1 3 : 1 5 <br />[C] INSPECTION TYPE CODE C P CC=Coal-Complete, CP=Coal-Partial CX=Coal Exploration, <br /> AI=Aerial, IL=Illegal Operation <br />POST INSPECTION CONTACTS N O NO=None, BL=USBLM, CE=US Corps of Engineers, <br />CH=CoIo Health Dept, CL=CoIo Land <br />JOINT INSPECT. AGENCY CODE N O Board, CT=Citizen, CW=CoIo Wildlife, DE=U.S. Energy, <br />DW=US Wildlife, FS=U.S. Forest Service, HW=CoIo Highway <br />Dept, OS=OSM, SE=State Engineer (Water Resources) <br />[C] REASON FOR INSPECTION CODE I E AG=Other Agency Request, CT=Citizen Complaint, FU=OSM <br />10-Day Notice FoNow-up, IE=Normal I&E Program, MU=OSM <br />Random Sample Inspection, SI=Surety Related <br />[C] Inspector did _ did not _X_ receive documents during this Inspection. (If any documents were received, provid< <br />a narrative and a list of the documents in Section III of this report.) <br />COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE PRESENT: No company representative was present, but Chris Miller, a <br />company environmental contractor, was met. by chance, on site. <br />CO. REP. SIGNATURE (FIELD ISSUANCE ONLY) Issued from Denver office (Date) <br />INSPECTOR'S SIGNATURE ~~ ~^- -~! L~/~.e~--~ 17 March 2006 <br />[C] WEATHER CODE C L CL=Cloudy, CR=Clear, RN=Raining, <br />SN=Snowing, WD=Windy <br />INSPECTION REPORT ISSUANCE DATE 17 March 2006 <br />NOTE: [C] =Required Entry <br />WHITE -File YELLOW -Operator PINK -Specialist <br />