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_ <br />i <br />D[IFFORD F~ BROWN, P.C <br />ATTORNEYS AT LAW <br />I]00 BROADWAY SUITE 1700 <br />DENVER, COLORADO 8 0 29 0-1701 <br />TELEPHONE (303) 861-8013 <br />FACSIMILE 13031832-3804 <br />102 SOUTH TEJON STREET SUITE 1100 <br />COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80903 <br />TELEPHONE (]191 5]8-3368 <br />IBY PPPOINTM ENT ONLYI <br />III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ~ <br />999 <br />PHILIP G. DUFFORD <br />THOMAS G. BROWN <br />DAVID W. FURGASON <br />WILLIAM O. ROBE <br />BEVERLY J. QUAIL <br />RICHARD L. FgNYO <br />PHILLIP D. BARBER <br />GREGORY A. RUEGSEGGER <br />JACM F. RO55 <br />EUGENE F. MEGYESY, JR. <br />RANDALL J. FEUERST EIN <br />March 26, 1996 <br />Via Facsimile - 832-8106 <br />Mr, Allen Sorenson <br />Division of Minerals and Geology <br />1313 Sherman Street, Room 215 <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />Re: COM, Inc., Permit No. M-94-117; <br />Water Log Update <br />Dear Allen: <br />LAURA J. GIBSON <br />NAYE A. JACUZZI <br />MICHAEL GOODMAN <br />DOUGLAS A. THOMAS <br />OF COUNSEL <br />CLAUDE M. MAER~ JR. <br />MORRIS B. HECO%, JR. <br />JAMES E. CARPENTER <br />DALE TOOLEY <br />(1933-1985) <br />R1=r~~vF~ <br />~ 2 ~ 1996 <br />Division of Minerals 8 Geology <br />Enclosed is page 2 of the Water Log updated since the last submission to you on <br />February 20, 1996. The data from the two pumping episodes shown were reported to me <br />by Richard Fox, who did the pumping. These data indicate that the rate of inflow to the <br />Hazel A has reduced considerably. <br />Please let me know if you have any questions. <br />Sincerely yours, <br />DUFFORD & BROWN, P.C. <br />~G~ <br />Richard L. F yo <br />cc: Ms. Gwen Fraser <br />Mr. Richard Fox <br />5. KIRK INGEBR ETS EN <br />DOUGLAS P. RUEGSEGGER <br />EDWARD D. WHITE <br />PEGGY J. ANDERSON <br />CRAIG B. SHA FFER <br />SCOTT J. MINU LEC NY <br />MARC A, CHORNEY <br />TERRY JO EPST EIN <br />THOMAS E. J. HAZARD <br />DOUGLAS J. KOTA REIt <br />THOMAS M. STERN <br />lSMS-l, i/: GNF <br />