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SRI <br />--clay 14, 2018 <br />COLORADO <br />Division of Reclamation, <br />Mining and Safety <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />1313 Sherman St. Room 215 <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />Chris Townsend <br />Empire Aggregate, Inc. <br />1935 65th Avenue <br />#1 <br />Greeley, CO 80634 <br />1rynfgwys r, <br />0,rf <br />Re: Douglas Mountain Mine, File No. M-2018-016 <br />Receipt of 112c Construction Materials Reclamation Permit Application <br />Dear Mr. Townsend: <br />On May 14, 2018, the Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety received your 112c Construction Materials <br />Reclamation Permit application for the Douglas Mountain Mine, which is located in Clear Creek County. All <br />comment and review periods began on May 14, 2018. The decision date for your application is scheduled for August <br />12, 2018. <br />Newspaper publication of a notice (published once a week for four consecutive weeks) regarding the filing of your <br />application and transmittal of a copy of the notice to all owners of record of surface and mineral rights, holders of any <br />recorded easements, and all owners of record of lands that are within 200 feet of the boundary of the affected land is <br />required within 10 days of submittal. You must submit proof of the notice and mailings, such as Certified Mail Return <br />Receipt Requested, to the Division prior to the decision date. <br />The Division is reviewing your application to determine whether it is adequate to meet the requirements of the Act. <br />We will contact you if additional information is needed. Any changes or additions to the application on file in our <br />office must also be reflected in the public review copy which has been placed with the Clear Creek County Clerk and <br />Recorder. <br />Please be reminded that all operators must contact the Colorado Department of Health, Water Quality Control Division <br />regarding storm water permits. <br />If you have any questions, please contact me. <br />Sincerely, <br />qCnningham Michael A <br />Environmental Protection Specialist <br />nt "4" <br />1313 Sherman St. Room 215 Denver, CO 80203 P (303) 866-3567 F <br />John W. Hickenlooper, Governor ) Robert W. Randatl, Executive Director I Virginia Brannon, Director <br />