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<br /> Appendix – Release Notes - 1 <br /> <br />Appendix: TSTool Release Notes <br />Version 10 .2 1 .0 0 , 20 1 3 -0 7 -1 4 <br /> <br />This appendix provides information about changes that have occurred in TSTool versions. <br /> <br />Major current development efforts in progress include: <br /> <br /> T he FillMixedStation() commands i s being completed, consistent with recent <br />enhancements to the FillRegression() command. <br /> Support f or WaterOneFlow web services is being implemented – functionality is limited . <br /> <br />1. TSTool Version History <br /> <br />The following table summarizes the TSTool release history. See the following sections for more detailed <br />information about each version. Only recent versions are documented in detail . Comments for minor <br />versions may be listed under a version that is publicly released. R ecent r elease note items are categorized <br />as follows: <br /> <br />Bug Fix – A bug has been fixed. Users should evaluate whether their work is im pacted. <br />Known Limitation – A known limitation has been documented and may impact the user. The limitation <br />will be addressed in a future release. <br />Change – An existing feature has been changed or enhanced. Backward compatibility is usually <br />retained . <br />Remove – A feature has been removed. <br />New Feature – A new feature has been added, such as a new command . <br /> <br />TSTool Version History Summary (most current at top) <br /> <br />TSTool <br />Version <br /> <br />Summary of Changes in Version <br />Release <br />Date <br />10.21.00 Add initial network processing com mand , add additional functionality <br />for processing tables, and a number of maintenance updates. <br />2013 -0 7 -1 4 <br />10.20.00 Enhancements to ReclamationHDB read/write commands. Enable <br />filtering HydroBase diversion coding structures by structure type and <br />WDID . <br />2013 -0 4 -21 <br />10.19.00 Enhancements to ReclamationHDB write features. 2013 -03 -16 <br />10.18.00 Add commands to read a table from Excel and write to a datastore. 2013 -03 -03 <br />10.17.00 Add ProfileCommands() command and other features to help <br />with performance on large command files. <br />2013 -02 -18 <br />10.16.00 Minor update to improve processing of well level data and templates. 2013 -02 -13 <br />10.15.00 Minor update in response to feedback on previous release, split <br />documentation into multiple volumes. <br />2013 -01 -14 <br />10.14.00 Minor update in response to feedback on previous release. 2012 -12 -18 <br />10.13.00 Many enhancements t o improve USGS processing, add NRCS AWDB <br />support, add TableToTimeSeries() command. <br />2012 -12 -04