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Appendix: TSTool Release Notes <br />Version 9.09.00, 2010 -09 -30 <br />This appendix provides information about changes that have occurred in TSTool versions. <br />1. TSTool Version History <br />The following table summarizes the TSTool release history. See the following sections for more detailed <br />information about each version. Only recent versions are documented in detail. Comments for minor <br />versions may be listed under a version that is publicly released. Recent release note items are categorized <br />as follows: <br />TSTool Version History Summary (most current at top) <br />TSTool <br />Version <br />Summary of Changes in Version <br />Release date <br />9.09.00 <br />Add additional commands for table processing. Improve <br />2010 -09 -30 <br />template integration with processor properties and tables. <br />9.08.00 — 9.08.01 <br />Support connecting to more than one RiversideDB and <br />2010 -09 -15 <br />introduce the concept of named data stores as an alternative to <br />input type /name. Add TableMath O and <br />TableTimeSeriesMath () commands. <br />9.07.00 — 9.07.02 <br />Add HTML summary, improve data flag handling, improve <br />2010 -08 -20 <br />Python integration, initial support for ColoradoWaterHBGuest <br />web service, include training materials, other maintenance. <br />9.06.00 — 9.06.04 <br />Initial support for ColoradoWaterSMS web service, enhance <br />2010 -05 -25 <br />RiversideDB support, various improvements. <br />9.05.00 — 9.05.03 <br />Enhancements to support additional time series and ensemble <br />2009 -11 -17 <br />processing, in particular to compute statistics for drought <br />studies. <br />9.04.00 — 9.04.02 <br />The following features are now at production level: <br />2009 -07 -28 <br />ReadTableFromDelimitedFile O , <br />writeTableTODelimitedFile O, <br />ResequenceTimeSeriesData O. The <br />CalculateTimeSeriesStatistic () command and <br />additional table processing features have been added. <br />Appendix — Release Notes - 1 <br />