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Response to Comments on the Colorado River Water Supply Availability Scope of Work - October 19, 2007 <br />Individual and/or Date of Comment Response <br />Organization Comment <br /> <br />Glenwood Springs 9/24/07 Will fully consumable water be accounted for in the study? Phase I will model existing demands. There will be an <br />Meeting 9/24/07 <br />opportunity to understand the modeling through Task 4 <br />(specifically see Task 4a .) . Interested roundtable members <br />and other water users can use the time during state <br />procurement to develop an understanding of the CDSS which <br />will form the basis of phase one of the study. Review the <br />CDSS manuals for each sub - basin. These are availabl e on <br />the web <br /> <br />( <br />). Under “helpful links” you can access the Basin Background <br />Information References and the Basin Water Resources <br />Planning Model User's Manual for each sub - basin included in <br />the CDSS. <br /> <br />Glenwood Springs 9/24/07 How is the model going to look at conditional water rights ? Phase 1 will look at absol ute water rights and other “non - water <br />Meeting 9/24/07 E nergy Development – Current demand vs. future demand? How <br />right” considerations (15 mile reach, reservoir operations, by - <br />are we going to separate out what goes into the current demand <br />pass flows, etc.). Through Task 4 there will be an opportunity <br />patterns in a transparent way? Some have a concern that Phase I <br />to understand and provide input on existing demands. Phase <br />will not look at conditional water rights. <br />2 will look at additional consu mptive and non - consumptive <br />demands which could be met through conditional water rights. <br /> <br />Glenwood Springs 9/24/07 Modeling additional tributaries ; Address more site - specific issues Through Task 4, roundtable members and other water users <br />Meeting 9/24/07 <br />wi ll have an opportunity to understand and provide input on the <br />modeling of key stream location in the different subbasins . <br /> <br />Glenwood Springs 9/24/07 How will products be delivered to the roundtables? Keep It is intended that all deliverables will be made available to the <br />Meeting 9/24/07 Roundtables up to date – Open syste m <br />IBCC and BRT’s through the IBCC webpage. Also see <br />“Roundtable Participation in the Study” below. <br /> <br />Glenwood Springs 9/24/07 Concerned about scheduled timeline: Understand ing and This issue was further explained in the GBRT 10/3/07 letter. <br />Meeting 9/24/07 confidence - time necessary – Inadequate timeliness <br />See response below. <br /> <br />Glenwood Springs 9/24/07 Concerned about having money and time to allow moving back on This issue was further explained in the GBRT 10/3/07 letter. <br />Meeting 9/24/07 scheduled ta sks; simulations before Task 9 <br /> <br />See response below. <br /> <br />Glenwood Springs 9/24/07 What do you mean by water availability? How will demands be This issue was further explain ed in the GBRT 10/3/07 letter. <br />Meeting 9/24/07 modeled? <br /> <br />See response below. <br /> <br />Glenwood Springs 9/24/07 A number of water uses are not mentioned on page 1. This issue was further explained in the GBRT 10/3/07 letter. <br />Meeting 9/24/07 <br /> <br />See response below. <br />2 of 10 <br /> Page <br />