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TSTool Documentation <br />Troubleshooting - Install - 2 <br />Root Cause Solution – This issue is being studied and in the future the default value in this configuration <br />file may be reduced. Another option is to run TSTool on 64-bit computers using 64-bit JRE, which will <br />theoretically increase the amount of memory available to the JRE and programs that it runs. 64-bit <br />TSTool installers may be provided in the future. <br /> <br />Additional Resources – the following article provides additional information: <br /> <br /> <br />Issue #2 – Error Connecting to State of Colorado’s HydroBase Database <br /> <br />Scope – This issue has been seen when running TSTool connecting to the HydroBase database within the <br />State of Colorado’s computer network, typically on Windows computers. <br /> <br />Behavior – TSTool versions 10.23.00 or later displays an error connecting to HydroBase within the State <br />of Colorado’s computer network. The error may be shown from the interactive HydroBase login prompt <br />or result in exceptions being logged in the TSTool log file (see Tools … Diagnostics menus in TSTool). <br /> <br />Possible Cause – Within the State of Colorado’s system, access to a shared server version of HydroBase <br />is provided to staff. Due to limitations in the ability to update the version of SQL Server, SQL Server <br />2000 is used for some instances of HydroBase. TSTool version 10.23.00 and later uses a newer Java <br />ODBC driver for SQL Server, necessary to keep up to date with Microsoft software releases for newer <br />database software versions. However, the newer SQL Server driver does not support SQL Server 2000. <br /> <br />Possible Solution – The work-around is copy the TSTool-Version\bin\sqljdbc4.jar file from TSTool <br />version 10.21.00 or earlier into a similar location for the new TSTool version. A copy of this file is also <br />available on the Open Water Foundation TSTool software page, accessible from: <br /> <br /> <br />Root Cause Solution – The solution to the root cause is for the State of Colorado to enhance software <br />that is holding back upgrades of the HydroBase server, and then upgrade HydroBase to a newer version of <br />SQL Server. When this occurs, this error should no longer occur. <br /> <br />Additional Resources – The following page provides information about Microsoft SQL Server database <br />and driver compatibility: <br /> <br />