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I; <br />1 <br />1 <br />it <br />L I <br />Preface <br />The Colorado Water Conservation Board, under contract to the Bureau of Reclamation, has <br />prepared Floodplain Information Reports for four subbasins of the Upper Colorado River Basin. <br />The reports have been divided into four separate volumes, one for each subbasin: Volume 1, the <br />Yampa River (from Craig, Colorado, downstream to Dinosaur National Monument); Volume 2, <br />the White River (from Rio Blanco Lake downstream to the Utah stateline); Volume 3, the <br />Gunnison River (from Delta, Colorado, downstream to its mouth); and Volume 4, the Colorado <br />River mainstem (from Rifle, Colorado, downstream to the Utah stateline). Figure 1 on the next <br />page shows the four stream reaches of critical habitat in the Upper Colorado River Basin. <br />This Floodplain Information Report, Volume 4, presents the results of a study for the delineation <br />of the 50 -year and 100 -year floodplains on the reach of the Colorado River mainstem from Rifle, <br />Colorado, downstream to the Utah stateline. The reach is part of the designated critical habitat <br />in the Upper Colorado River basin. The critical habitat was designated by the U.S. Fish and <br />Wildlife Service. The report was prepared to provide floodplain information for the Colorado <br />River to agencies, municipalities, development entities and private citizens for use in land use <br />planning and in meeting Section 7 and NEPA- related requirements regarding the endangered <br />fishes of the Upper Colorado River basin. <br />