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Preface <br />This floodplain information report presents the resul~ts of <br />a study of selected floodplains in Co~tilla County, Color~do. <br />It was prepared by the Colorado Water Conservation Board ~~t the <br />request of Costilla County. Copies of° this report are <br />available for government agencies and other public intere;ats <br />and for private individuals, for a norninal fee to caver c~~sts <br />of reproduction, at the offices listed below: <br />Costilla County Clerk's Office <br />P.O. Box 318 <br />San Luis, Colorado 81152 <br />Costilla County Emergency Managem~nt Office <br />P.O. Box 100 <br />San Luis, Colorado 81152 <br />Colorado Water Conservation Board <br />721 State Centennial Building <br />1313 Sherman Street <br />Denver, Colorado 80219 <br />