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Co~o~.e~o REC~a.~o~ as ~srn~.~,r~a e~ 4.lSGS o~~~ FrEE REpo~er o3-3 i i <br />Explanation <br />_ _ (inches per vearl <br />ci <br />~ni.u5 <br />•' ~as-as <br />ago-i <br />J i -35 <br />35.5 <br />5-t0 <br />10-iG <br />16-LO <br />20 35 <br />~) 2u S~ <br />IiZS <br />~1 <br />1 <br />-- -~aV'nas tle~iee_f-_-manaE-:rxitle raLa~ge <br />= ~9~c95urvey 1v <br />i 1 e Srf Y <br />d 211aC <br />p~esr fi n Leor~tl h:e <br />LEONARD RICE ENGINEERS, iNC. <br />- - - - -~= E~ c Ipea al Nnwv~wr Mat ~a' M1e acr »uy <br />"" iAt "` JtM1 Sera -na vra{ <br />Figure 2. Recharge as Estimated by USGS Open File Report 03-3111 <br />Recharge from precipitation is also generally greater on lands that have surface water or ground <br />water irrigation supply, because the soil moisture zone is more likely to be full prior to a <br />precipitation event. <br />Based on information collected during SPDSS Phase 1 for the initial water budget task (Task 82 <br />-Review Published Reports on Water Budgets), data related to ground water recharge from <br />precipitation throughout the SPDSS study area are limited. Individuals familiar with methods of <br />estimating precipitation recharge throughout the SPDSS study area and other river basins in <br />Colorado and western states were interviewed. Information provided by the following <br />individuals is outlined in the sections below: <br />• CDM -Gordon McCurry <br />• DWR -Brian Ahrens, Dale Straw, Ken Knox, Ray Bennett <br />• Leonard Rice Engineers, Inc. -Jon Ford <br />• Principia Mathematica -Willem Schreuder <br />• Ross Bethel, LLC -Ross Bethel <br />• HydroBio -David Groeneveld <br />' Figure 2 was created from The US Geological Survey Open File Report 03-311, which presents a nationwide <br />recharge map in inches per year created by Spatial Climate Analysis Service, Oregon State University <br />( in April 1998. This map was created based on data from 1951 - 1980. <br />Task 64.doc 3 of 13 <br />