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Approach <br />The following table summarizes the approach to addressing the Task 50.2 objectives, as <br />presented in this technical memorandum. <br />Section Description <br />1.0 Development of Enhancement Guidelines <br />2.0 Process Enhancements <br />2.1 Model Input Process Enhancements <br />2.2 Model Output Process Enhancements <br />3.0 Modelin Gra hical User Interface Selection <br />Section 1.0 discusses the guidelines that were developed in collaboration with the State to <br />identify and prioritize potential enhancements. Section 2.0 discusses specific enhancements to <br />the modeling process. Section 3 reviews the candidate GUI software for the SPDSS and <br />recommends a package for selection. <br />1.0 Development of Enhancement Guidelines <br />Potential enhancements to the data centered modeling process were developed in two working <br />sessions CDM facilitated with State personnel who have detailed working knowledge of the <br />RGDSS modeling process and of the SPDSS modeling goals. State staff who participated in <br />these meetings included: <br />^ Ray Alvarado -Colorado Water Conservation Board <br />^ Andy Moore -Colorado Water Conservation Board <br />^ Ray Bennett -Colorado Division of Water Resources <br />^ Brian Ahrens -Colorado Division of Water Resources <br />Building on the existing data centered modeling process that has been implemented by the State <br />for the RGDSS, as summarized in the Task 50.1 TM, these meetings included discussions of <br />individual software tools and the overall modeling process. During these sessions, the State's <br />preferences for the groundwater modeling process were developed and include the following <br />guidelines. The guidelines were used to identify potential process enhancements. <br />^ Location information on structures, irrigated parcels, land use, wells, canals and streams will <br />be maintained in the GIS repository. Stream flows, diversion records, water levels and other <br />observations will be maintained in HydroBase. Point locations for features such as wells, <br />diversions and stream gages are maintained in HydroBase and used to generate GIS <br />coverages. <br />^ Software tools will process data directly from source databases or GIS coverages, where <br />possible, to minimize the need for manual modifications to files, increase efficiency in <br />