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Section 1.0 identifies the sources of information that were used to define the existing data <br />centered modeling approaches that have been used by the State in the RGDSS. Section 2 <br />summarizes the existing approaches, including the function of individual software tools that are <br />utilized. Section 3 identifies candidate graphical user interface packages for evaluation against <br />project requirements that will be identified in Task 50.2. <br />Approach <br />Section Descri tion <br />1.0 Information Sources for Current Data Centered Modelin Process <br />2.0 Current Data Centered Process Descri tion <br />2.1 Workflow Descri tion <br />2.2 Conce tual Model Develo ment <br />2.3 Model Dataset Develo ment <br />2.3.1 StateDGI Processin <br />2.3.2 AGG Processin <br />2.3.3 StatePP Processin <br />2.3.4 Stream Packa e Processin <br />2.3.5 Workflow Mana ement <br />2.4 Model Execution and Calibration Process <br />2.5 Processin Out ut from the Groundwater Model <br />3.0 Identification of Candidate Gra hical User Interface Packa es <br />3.1 Prelimina Evaluation Criteria <br />3.2 Candidate Packa es <br />3.2.1 GMS <br />3.2.2 Groundwater Vistas <br />3.2.3 Ar usONE with USGS MODFLOW-GUI <br />1.0 Information Sources for Current Data Centered Modeling Process <br />The existing modeling process was defined through review of memoranda generated by the <br />RGDSS team, software documentation for various applications that are currently used, and <br />interviews with State and consultant staff that are familiar with the current process. The <br />following memoranda from the RGDSS were reviewed to define current approaches. <br />^ Draft memo from Bruce Rindahl to Ray Bennett and Andy Moore, dated January 22, 2003, <br />"RGDSS Spatial System Integration, Task 3.1 -Data Centered Groundwater Model" <br />^ Final memo from HRS Water Consultants to Ray Bennett, dated February 19, 2003, "RGDSS <br />Ground Water, Task 36 -State Pre-Processor Modifications" <br />