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1. Compile, analyze and map existing aquifer water level information and create <br />HydroBase-compatible databases with data from the South Platte Alluvium Region <br />2. Identify additional data needs in the Region <br />3. Support the design of the groundwater field program <br />4. Enhance HydroBase with aquifer water level data collected during the field activities <br />5. Collect data that is appropriate to support future development and calibration of a <br />groundwater model <br />This Technical Memorandum (TM) summarizes the compilation, analysis and mapping of water <br />level data of the South Platte Alluvial Aquifer. <br />Approach <br />The following table summarizes the sections contained in this TM and identifies which section <br />pertains to the objectives outlined above. <br />Section Descri tion <br />1.0 Water Level Data Collection and Anal sis <br />1.1 Sources of Data <br />1.2 Data Anal sis and Processin <br />1.3 Database Queries <br />1.4 Grid Development and Contourin <br />1.5 Water Level Trend Anal sis <br />2.0 Water Level Data Database <br />2.1 Database Structure <br />2.2 Database Qualit Control <br />3.0 Results <br />3.1 Water Level Surfaces <br />3.2 Water Level Trends <br />3.3 H dro aphs <br />4.0 Summary and Conclusions <br />5.0 Recommendations <br />6.0 References <br />1.0 Water Level Data Collection and Analysis <br />Information on aquifer water levels are important in evaluating aquifer yield, stream-aquifer <br />interactions, drawdown due to pumping, and the direction and rate of groundwater flow. This <br />section describes the sources of existing water level data, summarizes the methods used to <br />screen these data for reliability and usability, and discusses the analysis and processing of <br />historic water level data for the South Platte Alluvium Region. <br />Data Flow Process <br />During this phase, water level data were obtained from HydroBase and added to a temporary <br />HydroBase-compatible SPDSS database. New data obtained during Phase 3 were also added to <br />SPDSS Phase 3 Task 44.3 TM -Final 2 <br />11/29/2006 <br />