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<br /> <br />C; The rqneral Statement of Pla~, <br />1. Ap~lio"ni: i6 a quasi-mw1icipal of the <br />State of Colorado, pre!le1'\tly provi,Hng rnul)icipal. <br />wat):o: and '<anitation services. .1\pplJ.oant pro-. <br /> <br />pOlles to placll to beneficial USe as a part: cf <br />Its n1unidpaJ: sy"teJn ell of the water rights <br />described in raragx" D b~)l.<M, 'I'h", clmnge9 of <br /> <br />',,-- <br /> <br />lise, exohanges and 1'1bn for Augmentation proposed <br />will supply Appli.c"nt I" total municipil'l wat<lr <br />requirements w.ithout affecting any <br />",- other water rJ.ght in the Y.~rnpa River sy<1!tem. '1'ho <br />Applicant il'l, in part, I!. recJ:<)lltion&l-oriel1ted <br /> <br />:,~ <br /> <br />municipal d(wolopmant: and, as su<:h, :prop"""~ <br /> <br />to pr\w,J.dc water fo!.' the p~.tlpllCJ"t.t()n of fish, <br /> <br />recreation and the maintenance of lld.nirn\1m stre.wn <br /> <br />flows" Applioant also prol'cl"es to make benefj... <br />0;,81 USe of its municIpal wastewaters for irri- <br />gation, roc"e"tion, fish propagation and mllinten- <br />ance of rnln:lmU1~ stream flows. <br /> <br />2. ~'h" Applicant additionally proposes to augment <br /> <br />the river system by d~veloping new sources of water, <br />\ <br /> <br />al te:rnate points of diversi.on, r..ooliJ'lg of the Appl:i C:d:\ t! s <br /> <br />water rights, watet. ""cheingeR and by utilizing <br /> <br />substi tut'e supplies" Tho Plat) as proposed inr.o;:- <br /> <br />poratos the uti.Uz.,tion of storage, water reuse, <br /> <br />di.version .:;.1: aux'f~ce rights of t:h.e Yampa River <br /> <br />via underground collection points and the alloca- <br /> <br />tion of certain water ri.ghts to the Colorad.o Water <br /> <br />Consp..l'vation Board. <br /> <br />D. The Applicant. is the mIner of t.he followinq water rights: <br /> <br />1. <br /> <br />Hoyle & Knight OJ, tch, for. 3.97:' <br />Pt:iority No. 75 ';82) I ,,,,it.h an a,( <br />date of AU9uHt 9, 189:9, and an <br />date of September 22, 1892. S< <br />Creek. This Prlority was tran: <br />cipal uso at the Fish Creek Via', <br />Plant in 1975. <br /> <br />~::fs.. of water, <br />,~op:t:ia1:'ion <br />,djudication <br />"'C~ - Fish <br />.~rrBd t.o muni... <br />'l're":;Itment <br /> <br />- 2 - <br /> <br />,',",,'" <br /> <br />"....~..~....."V'",....,"', .'." . ,'T.,.. .,~ ". <br /> <br /> <br />\ <br />, <br />! <br /> <br />( <br />