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Abp <br /> Colorado Water <br /> QCOLOR <br /> Conservation Board <br /> nrFwmnwrIL of Nawrai R--s <br /> Last Updated: June 2020 <br /> Colorado Water Conservation Board <br /> Water Plan Grant Application <br /> Instructions <br /> To receive funding for a Water Plan Grant, applicant must demonstrate how the project, activity, or <br /> process (collectively referred to as "project') funded by the CWCB will help meet the measurable <br /> objectives and critical actions in the Water Plan. Grant guidelines are available on the CWCB website. <br /> If you have questions, please contact CWCB at (303) 866-3441 or email the following staff to assist you <br /> with applications in the following areas: <br /> Water Storage Projects <br /> Conservation, Land Use Planning <br /> Engagement& Innovation Activities <br /> Agricultural Projects <br /> Environmental & Recreation <br /> Projects <br /> FINAL SUBMISSION: Submit all application materials in one email to <br /> waterplan.prants( <br /> in the original file formats [Application (word); Statement of Work (word); Budget/Schedule <br /> (excel)]. Please do not combine documents. In the subject line, please include the funding <br /> category and name of the project. <br /> ProjectWater <br /> Name of Applicant Allan A. Andales <br /> Improving irrigation efficiency through the development of the <br /> Name of Water Project hydraulic infrastructure at Irrigation Innovation Consortium <br /> Headquarters <br /> CWP Grant Request Amount $157,384 <br /> Other Funding Sources $ <br /> Other Funding Sources $ <br /> Other Funding Sources $ <br /> Applicant Funding Contribution $157,384 <br /> Total Project Cost $314,769 <br /> CWP Grant Application 1 <br />