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3. Name of ditch or structure: <br />-2- <br />2. The name and address of the Applicants: <br />City of Aspen (Aspen) <br />c/o Musick and Cope <br />4141 Arapahoe Avenue <br />P.O. Box 4579 <br />Boulder, CO 80306 <br />Colorado Water Conservation Board ( Board) <br />c/o Attorney General's Office <br />Natural Resources Section <br />1525 Sherman Street, 3rd Floor <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />Red Mountain Ditch Ditch No. 72, former Water <br />District No. 38, Pitkin County, Colorado <br />4. Present decreed point of diversion: <br />A headgate located at a point on the west bank of <br />Hunter Creek, whence the witness corner to the <br />southwest corner of Section. Five (5) , Township Ten <br />(10) South, Range Eighty -Four (84) West of the <br />Sixth Principal Meridian (6th P.M.) , bears south <br />35 01' west 884.4 feet, in Pitkin County, Colorado. <br />5. Amount and priority of diversion: <br />0.5 cfs: of the 2.0 cfs decreed to the Red Mountain <br />Ditch, Priority 90 <br />6. Original and previous change decrees: <br />Civil. Action Nos. 132 and 6512, District Court in <br />and for the County of Garfield. <br />7. Date of appropriation: <br />May 15, 1884 <br />8. Date of decrees: <br />a. Civil Action No. 132: May 11, 1889. <br />b. Civil Action No. 6512: December 4, 1970 <br />9. Minimum stream flow license: <br />a. The application was filed pursuant to an <br />Agreement, dated October 7, 1978, between Applicants, <br />