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<br />BYLAWS FOR THE <br />NORTH PLATTE BASIN ROUNDTABLE <br />Ratified April 4 , 2 006 <br /> <br />PREAMBLE <br /> <br />In Colorado, water is among the state’s most important issues. The ability to <br />successfully address the challenges and opportunities related to water requires a basin - <br />driven, c ollaborative approach. To facilitate continued discussions within and between <br />basins on water management issues, and to encourage locally driven collaborative <br />st <br />solutions to water supply challenges, the Colorado Water for the 21 Century Act created <br />nine p ermanent basin roundtables. These roundtables include the following: (1) South <br />Platte Basin; (2) Arkansas Basin; (3) Rio Grande Basin; (4) Gunnison Basin; (5) <br />Colorado Basin; (6) Yampa - White area; (7) Dolores, San Miguel, and San Juan Basins; <br />(8) Metro ar ea; and (9) North Platte Basin . <br /> <br />In the eyes of many stakeholders, the legitimacy of a roundtable organization can <br />be measured against the ideal of a participatory democracy. Legitimacy requires that <br />anyone potentially affected by the actions of a roundta ble should have an opportunity to <br />participate or, at a minimum, each affected group of stakeholders should have a like - <br />minded representative participating as a member of the roundtable organization. Only by <br />st <br />working together can Colorado’s 21 century wat er issues be resolved. <br /> <br />ARTICLE I <br />NAME AND PURPOSE/MISSION <br /> <br /> <br /> Section 1. Name . The name of the organization shall be the North Platte Basin <br />th <br />Roundtable , (the “Roundtable”), with its principal office located at 404 4 Street; <br />Walden, CO 80480; Jackson C ounty. <br /> <br /> Section 2. Purpose/Mission . The purpose/mission of the Roundtable is to support <br />and advocate cooperative efforts to coordinate and facilitate the appropriate use of the <br />waters of the North Platte and to develop long - term solutions to intra - bas in water needs, <br />and collaborate with other Roundtables to find solu tions to inter - basin water issu es. <br /> <br />ARTICLE II <br />GOALS AND OBJECTIVES <br /> <br /> <br />Improve communications by providing a forum to facilitate the coordination of <br />decisions made among affected landowners, holder s of water rights recognized as <br />private usufructuary property right s, concerned citizens and representatives of <br />local, state and federal agencies. <br /> <br />Facilitate cooperation and the voluntary exchange of information in order to <br />identify and address intr a - basin and inter - basin water concerns in a proactive <br />manner. <br /> <br />